• Cleaning PCBs/stencils

    02/24/2018 at 17:24 0 comments

    forget using alcohol.

    "Cafiza" espresso machine cleaner and hot water.

    cooked on, baked on solder paste flux goo -- boom! gone! magic!

  • fail of the week

    01/08/2017 at 21:21 0 comments

    my pants zipper broke.

    the zipper is brass. "I can solder brass", I say. a cut here, solder there. I can fix this.

    it turns out, you cannot solder pants.


  • comparison of 4 gyros

    03/15/2016 at 04:52 0 comments

    lsm6ds3, l3gd20, mpu6050, and bmi160 were attached to a small robot.

    the gyros were read at 1msec intervals. the robot started turning at time=655

    at the end of the turn, the total angle measured:

    lsm6ds3: 179.44

    l3gd20: 173.10

    mpu6050: 179.66

    bmi160: 178.53