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Polymathic boxen-herding ownlifer who monkeys with packets and wrangles various varieties of pixie.

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Jay Phantom wrote 05/14/2018 at 21:39 point

Gearing up to start posting tutorials here. Been delayed as I am rearranging and setting up my lab space. Good news is I have material to post several tutorials in one go, once I get to a stopping point with the workspace redesign and have a comfortable place to coalesce my thoughts.

Projects on the menu:

HackRF shielding install and test.

Puppy the Dogbrain - Larval Personal Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance Expert System UGV

HackRF PortaPack Havoc setup, and firmware building.

Getting started tutorial for the new moRFeus RF SDR mixer. 

Useful breadboard modifications.

PCB Antenna Design.

Recon Drop Boxes.

Multi-spectral War Driving.

Vintage 3 channel PSU teardown

YAVaFloDisTuC - Yet Another Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tube Clock

Prusa Mk3 Setup, and 4x MMU demonstration

Now that I list all this I'm like, damn, thats a lot of things. Looks I will be busy. Which is good. You never want guys like me to be running around bored. That's how you get terminators. 

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