• Switching 24v to 36v wire diagram

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  • Adding more power to a scooter

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    ok no matter what scooter u have after I but you will find it slow trust me. So it's time to upgrade it now do u pay £600 plus to get a 1500w 48v scooter or somthing like that . Or mod the one you got,me I like to mod things. So I had a razer e200/ 200w of row powe lol. Shod of gone for the E300 but I payed £15 for it so £15 or £60/£120 for a e300 what would u gone for . So it went 11mph not bad, I orderd a 800w 36v motor & a speed controller & the Twitst grip with led lights. 1st the motor is big will not fit under the scooter,then the controller went hard on so it was no good . Then I found out I needed a T8f chain and sprocket,the razor takes a #25 chain . So what to do next. Then itu lk thinking hit me two motors one 250w &350w 24v. Overvoulting To 36v 600w will be like a 1100w nice power . Let me no what no what you think & what to do next what power may be could go to 48v. Maybe two 800w 36v