Josh Kosar

I am a robotics engineering student at ASU Polytechnic campus, and the president of the Rossum Rumblers Robotics club.

Mesa, Arizona
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Things I've Built

Human AI Interaction Study

We are using a game environment similar to the AI problem "Wumpus World" to perform a series of trust exercises on the interactions of Humans and artificial agents in an extremely immersive military simulation.

Harmonic Splinter

Global Game Jam 2014 Winner. We designed a game where you play two battling entities whose aura alters the world around them in an eternal search for balance.

SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle

We designed and programmed a fully autonomous (small scale) vehicle to compete in the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.


Hackathon Project Oct. 2014. My team and I designed a smart kitchen with cabinets that lock when a baby nears, an oven that sends text alert updates on how your food is cooking and a motion tracking turret that keeps pets off the counter-tops.

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