Hardware hacker and designer, turning-trash-into-something-useful'er, mostly electronics, audio stuff and Arduinos.

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This user joined on 03/18/2015.

Things I've Built

Disc grinding / sanding machine

A disc grinder used for sharpening knifes, built from laminat board and the motor from a bread cutter.

Bikechain vesa mount for my TV

How about hanging a TFT TV on the wall like a picture? And how about using a bicycle chain as string?

soda can stirling engine

Why? because I can. Youtube is full of these, and I couldn't resist adding my design thoughts on the topic.

A cover for my Nexus

A old women's handbag from the flea market was turned into a cover for my asus nexus tablet. The cover allows standing position and a integrated magnet brings the tablet into standby and back.

Steampunk TFT monitor

A 15'' TFT with broken case from the trash, some oak wood and paint, hacked together on a boring weekend, gave me this monitor which I am still using today as second screen.

Three way active speakers

made from a classical TDA2030 amp, powerful bass drivers from former east Germany, random mid- and hi-tone speakers and a lot of junk. Sound is excellent and pretty loud for "only" 10W RMS.

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