• Make usb hub for pc with jlcpcb

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    Today we are making usb hub as well as extension board when i was working on pc all usb port of my pc is full and i can't plug more devices on it. so i decided to make a 8 port usb hub i made a sample diagram of pcb borad in easyeda after design the diagram i am order it on jlcpcb.com they are more happy to work on this project.

    If you don't know anything about jlcpcb.com. jlcpcb is one of the most popular pcb manufacturers outside they provide good quality pcb in less amount compares to other brand try jlcpcb they are always ready to work on any pcb projects

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    I am received my pcb in 4 to 5 days After receiving the pcb i am check it and review it quickly all things is good now we need 2.0 female usb hub 8 pieces you can find it from nearby markets or online stores.

    Now i am solding it with soldering iron apply paste before soldering for neat and clean results 

    remember safety because iron is hot you can take help of your friend or other all usb port is now sold now we need a 5v led light

    you can use any color i am using 5v rbg led its put glow effects on edges when we use our device solder led in our pcb board it was ready now we have joined data cable you can use any old one or not working cable's

    Usb Data cable has 4 wire mostly is has red, white+, green-, black

    [ ] Red wire is power wire the positive side
    [ ] white wire is use for data transferring

    [ ] green wire is negative wire use for data transferring
    [ ] black wire is power negative wire
    Soldering it one by one carefully all task completed now we have to cover pcb i am using pvc sheets for it.

    you can use any plastic sheet or mdf board measurements pcb size and cut pcv sheet now placed pcb on pvc sheet using glue stick covered upper and for side panels use glue stick when we plug it in pc we see a glow effect of rbg led light our device is now ready to use try to make it thanks to all my audience and jlcpcb. 

    [ ] Now we use eight devices at same time
    Material we need to make usb hub

    1. 8 female 2.0 usb port

    2. 5v led light

    3. old usb cable

    4. pcb board

    5. pvc sheet
    6. Gluestick
    7. soldering

    Order pcb at JLCPCB Prototype For $2 ( Any Color)
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