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Biomedical tinkerer

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Things I've Built

Collagen-based peristaltic pump chip

A membrane-based peristaltic pump made from collagen tubular constructs. Compliant collagen tubes are inflated and deflated to recirculate fluid, toggled using solenoid valves.

Tilting bed alarm clock

Integrating of a physical, silent alarm clock into a bed frame. Bluetooth-controlled actuation of solenoid latch for rolling users out of bed and ready to start the day.

Car rear-view camera module

A camera-based system to replace the car wing mirror to reduce vehicular drag and reduce driving blindspot zones.

Microfluidic device to generate "caviar"

A microfluidic device to create mono-disperse droplets, later solidified to generate spherical gels. Microfluidic channels designed in the shape of the emblem of Hong Kong.

Tubular bioprinting deposition stage

Integrated a microfluidic tubular extruder with a 2 axis deposition stage for planar control of biomaterial (alginate).

Balance rehabilitation game

Video game-based clinical tool for rehabilitating standing balance of individuals with incomplete spinal cord injuries. Rehabilitation is a combination of visual feedback training (VFT) and functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy.

Reconfigurable electronic display

A 3D printed prototype of reconfigurable electronic display mechanism for futuristic shape-changing displays.

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