Dr. Kaz

Microelec. Eng. with a PhD in NN, interested in everything from neurons to printers, living, learning nd breathing tech everyday

London, UK
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This user joined on 04/26/2015.

Things I've Built

Face Recognition using Weigthless Neural Networks

PhD research project resulting in an algorithm that can detect patterns in images or live video, using digital weightless NN, no complex mathematics, no image manipulation, and an accuracy of 99.9%.

Custom epson driver

Software to print images on epson pro printers that can fool epson into using specific cartridges for specific colors, and with full customization of settings such as dot and drop, etc

Recipe software

Software for pc that would have an inventory of ingredients in the home, and an online database of recipes that could be made. Including filters for allergies, # of people to cook for, etc, and a link for online shopping for more ingredients.

Fingerprint logbook

Custom fingerprint logbook with RFID, for a client that required a better log book for his van drivers. As any driver could be driving any van, the device logged onto a server the RFID tag on the van key, and the fingerprint of the driver, daily

3g controlled car

Modified an RC car to work over 3g, with a webcam on a pan/tilt mount. Got the project working, but discovered a major flaw at the end - command sent over the internet to turn the car reached too late, and it kept on banging into things.. :)


Low cost, bluetooth controlled 'Turtle' robot that teaches young kids to think and work in steps, and to approach problem solving differently. This was my final year project at university, and was based on research done by Seymour Papert.

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