Krzysztof Pochwała

Robotics, electronics, programming.

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Things I've Built


Another complicated as hell. I've returned to IR Led+phototransistor, exploded some of them and still working on this one :) Hornet was built using LPC ARM processor, on this one I've got STM32F4 (but in the next pcb I'll put F3 or even F0).


Well, that was milestone. And dissapointment. I've spent at least year in CAD and EDA, and it never worked the way I wanted. It was sponsored - and Satland Prototype. You can google more - "Hornet minisumo worklog forbot". Pics&txt


This one is pretty succesful. I was 16 when this one was built, and got to the finals at Robotic Arena 2010. Unfortunately, finished in worst, fourth place. Few months later, I managed to get to the third place in Warsaw's Robomaticon.

Pępek 3 (Bellybutton 3)

Last of Bellybuttons. Hand made gearboxes, exploding MC33932 driver, brass powder coated cover. In the second version of PCB I resigned from full H-Bridge and used just one FET per motor.

Pępek 2 (Bellybutton 2)

It's second iteration of my minisumo robot. It's predecessor lost his eyes (rangefinders) during Robotic Arena in 2009. They were built using IR phototransistors and diodes (1.5A for 100uS). Then I switched to Sharp 340K sensors.

Expandable mini platform

This project is dated back to 2009. It was my first robot (well, not exactly robot, because it didn't have any sensors) described in the Internet. Before this one I've built linefollower with one sensor.

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