Kenneth Trussell

Electrical Engineer, embedded systems fanatic.

Davisboro, GA
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Things I've Built

Autonomous Zero Turn Mower

I have a Bad Boy mower controlled by ArduRover.

Ultrasonic Remote for FIRST Robot

Visible Satellite Pointer System

This project won 2nd place in the Circuit Cellar Design2K contest in 2000.

Satellite Antenna Rotor System for Amateur Radio

Remote Control Railroad Warning Lights Controller

Complete Industrial Control System with I2C Backplane

Ultrasonic Range Finder for FIRST Robot

Timing System for Small Race Cars - Junior Solar Sprint

Team Project - lasers at start and finish line with a homebrew timing system. The system output serial data to a homebrew display for track times. In addition, it output to a computer which used a database to track individual heats & times

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Bob Burns wrote 11/14/2015 at 20:05 point

Thanks for the follow

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Kenneth Trussell wrote 10/13/2015 at 20:29 point

I am VP of Engineering and Technology of an industrial company in a very rural part of Georgia. I also teach assembly language, digital design and computer architecture in a Computer Science program in central Georgia as an adjunct professor. My background is embedded systems, through and through. I have mentored a FIRST Robotics Team for several years and, along with other friends here, developed a timing system for Junior Solar Sprint competitions in Georgia. I have a LOT of projects over my life that I need to find the time to share and plan to. I have made many PC boards at home, am fluent in Eagle, etc. I have attended the Embedded Systems Conference, both in Boston and San Jose, for many years.

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