22k 260 30 104
A C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer and breakout board with Arduino compatible pinout.
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C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer

Pure Engineering

21k 143 38 93
TCD1304-based linear CCD module driven by a Nucleo F401RE + Raspberry Pi.
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Linear CCD module

esben rossel

15.4k 442 32 81
The only thing worth doing, is the thing worth doing right!
11.1k 1.1k 13 69
A device consisting of a Toshiba TCD1304AP CCD sensor, a Wolfson WM8253 Video ADC, a Parallax Propeller, and an FTDI FT232H USB IC
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7k 459 15 44
A super cheap decently resolving open source VIS-spectrophotometer. The cheapest in the OtterVIS line.
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OtterVIS LGL spectrophotometer

esben rossel

5.1k 940 3 39
Hooking up a DIY spectrometer to professional spectroscopy software
5.2k 51 4 30
Spectrophotometer design with a sensitive detector, bright light source and a sample holder. Easily and inexpensively built.
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9.2k 45 0 30
The ZEN of simplicity Making the Complex...Seem Simple
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DAV5 V2 Spectrometer

David H Haffner Sr

3k 318 6 19
A small portable spectrometer that can be used in the field to collect spectral data.
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Handheld VNIR Spectrometer


2.1k 27 3 14
A different take on the good 'ol spectrometer: spinning the grating to get visible light spectra. DIY style.
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The Spinning Spectrometer


4.2k 64 8 12
The idea is to build a not so expensive visible light spectrometer...
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IRIS : another open source spectrometer


1.3k 25 0 12
A tiny, ultra low profile wideband spectrometer for everyday needs (test lamps for color temperature & CRI, UV-A /UV-B dosimetry, ...)
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The Optical Inch


550 10 6 6
Giving an old FTIR spectroscope a new brain, and the design and build of an open source benchtop FTIR spectroscopy system.
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