20.8k 640 24 177
Modular self-reconfigurable robot, focused on all-terrain search and rescue operations using bio-inspired locomotion mechanisms
Project Owner Contributor

Dtto - Explorer Modular Robot


2.7k 105 16 89
Explorations in creating lamps with flexible light emitters & curved surfaces
Project Owner Contributor



6.1k 432 13 53
A powerful little music synthesizer with a classic look!
Project Owner Contributor

NanoEgg Music Synthesizer

Tim Trzepacz

6.4k 822 3 28
A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.
Project Owner Contributor



1.9k 124 5 25
We are creating a system to automate the process of folding boxes
3.3k 39 0 24
We're building a low-cost, commercial grade gas sensor platform in order to democratize air quality data.
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Del Guercio

1.5k 85 0 24
A flexible and low-power electrophoretic (e-ink) display worn on the skin, like a temporary tattoo.
Project Owner Contributor

ELPH skin


2.6k 33 0 18
A mysterious technological artifact designed, built & sent to a select group of nerdy creatives protecting the past, & inspiring the future!
Project Owner Contributor

College of the Creatives Cabinet


708 26 0 18
Supply Frame Residency project to make a no-code custom controller infrastructure for mobile devices.
Project Owner Contributor

Control Or Sense


512 144 0 15
An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot
Project Owner Contributor


Edward Li

612 14 0 13
Continuous Pyrolysis Biochar Production Reducing waste and returning nutrients to the soil
Project Owner Contributor


Leonardo Zuniga

758 18 2 12
Home & office organization products. From idea to manufacturing and everything in between.
Project Owner Contributor

Dejlig line


1.1k 116 6 11
This project will be a cartesian style 3D printer, geared towards beginners or individuals who want to explore 3D printing as a hobby.
Project Owner Contributor

Cartesian Style 3D Printer

Trey Weber

1.2k 15 3 10
This is the Machinist's Hammer fabricated during the Tormach Lathe Training class.
435 321 3 7
6" tall injection molded action figures!
Project Owner Contributor

Call to Adventure


262 8 1 7
The DesignLab needed a stand to accomodate an Othermachine Co. Othermill and the controller laptop in as small a footprint as possible.
Project Owner Contributor

Othermill Stand