12k 140 66 126
A cost effective way to make a refreshable braille display
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Refreshable Braille Display


3.6k 100 19 67
Open source, high functioning, myoelectric, bionic arm for kids.
16.9k 103 18 57
Open hardware and software blood glucose meter using electrochemical test strips
7.5k 264 15 53
Did your test strips just get more expensive? Has the drug store run out of strips for YOUR meter? Like to be able to use any test strip?
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Universal Glucometer

Tom Meehan

6.8k 585 12 47
Open-source myoelectric hand prosthesis
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Alvaro Villoslada

3.9k 45 3 31
A project that I started in 2014, aimed to develop a low cost and modular refreshable Braille system
4.5k 269 7 28
The idea is to create an accesible prosthetic hand that is commercially available in Colombia and doesn't use the classic string system.
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TNS 1i

Giovanni Leal

1.9k 30 5 28
The World's First Open Source Tongue Computer Interface. Empowerment for the Mobility Impaired. Telekinesis with Your Tongue.
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Dan Levine

3.4k 735 0 27
Visually impaired students can make great use of 3D prints to learn just about any subject, but their teachers need help making good models.
3.2k 354 7 21
Robotic Exoskeleton for Grip Enhancement and Stroke Rehabilitation
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Chad Paik

3.9k 66 3 20
Wheelchair mounted orthoses to enable someone with very low muscle tone to move her arms without the encumbrances of gravity
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Antigravity Arm Floats

Mike Turvey

1.9k 124 5 20
A low-cost mouse replacement for people with motor restriction. Operated either by the fingers or the lips.
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1.6k 116 0 16
The CastMinder system can detect complications in orthopedic casts and splints while healing patients faster and with less pain.
1.7k 352 4 14
Eye Moisture Retention and Rehabilitation Goggles: Cost effective assistive device for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome.
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4.2k 14 5 13
Avoiding fatigue by automatically controlling the direction of a fan's air flow using face and eye blink detection.
2.1k 149 6 13
A sensing device for blind people that builds a visual image by stimulating the surface of the tongue
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost Tongue Vision

Ray Lynch

2k 244 2 12
A wireless vibrating wristband to notify hard of hearing people of telephones, doorbells and other sound alerts.
1.8k 195 2 11
Facade is a crowdsourced fabrication pipeline to automatically generate tactile interfaces to appliances for blind people.
1.8k 184 3 11
Aditi is a connected bodysuit heating enabled incubator for preterm infants measuring Heart Rate, SpO2,Temp & Respiration comfortably.
1.1k 157 0 10
An open-source switch interface for people with disabilities to wirelessly access computer and mobile devices