12.1k 198 20 170
A versatile autonomous environmental drone using a buoyancy engine
Project Owner Contributor

Open source underwater glider

Alex Williams

11.4k 169 11 132
Small and basic 3D printed lathe for small projects.
Project Owner Contributor

3D printed manual mini Lathe


2.3k 136 12 111
A project for the people suffering from tremor,this device can be used to analyze the tremor frequency and stabilize it by using a gyroscope
5.4k 114 26 93
HeartyPatch is a fully open-source, IoT connected, BLE enabled heart-rate variability & ECG patch with great accuracy
3.5k 565 15 56
Sub 1GHZ RF wireless modules operating at 915MHZ and 433MHZ ISM bands, based on the ADF7023, full open source!
2.8k 50 33 53
A small battery-powered meditation aid to keep you focused and refreshed wherever you go.
4.8k 57 4 39
An outside pole mounted aerial picks up RF signals which are then filtered, amplified and re-transmitted through a second inside aerial.
2.5k 199 6 38
An array of individual cosmic ray detectors distributed across a landscape to display how cosmic rays arrive as showers of muons.
Project Owner Contributor

Cosmic Array

Robert Hart

1.1k 21 2 38
Compact printing press for nurses, helpers, teachers and anyone else who needs to leave small notes for people who read braille.
Project Owner Contributor

Braille Compact Printing Press

haydn jones

2.6k 36 13 33
An electrically actuated variable pitch rotor with a wireless interface
3.4k 35 7 32
A device that monitors the statistics of the magnitude and the 3-D direction of seismic noise might detect earthquakes before they happen.
Project Owner Contributor

Device for Seismic Noise Analysis

michael d.

2.3k 82 0 26
Tools for students, makers, designers and artists to quickly demonstrate interactive concepts.
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Ekawahyu Susilo

1.1k 49 10 21
A go-kart with an electrical emergency braking system for our disabled son
1.7k 16 10 20
An Affordable cloud connected water level measuring station for developing countries.
2.5k 52 7 20
This project focuses on using building a budget powder bed 3d printer capable of printing bones, and creating the needed ink and powder.
1.1k 18 6 18
Find your loved ones if you get separated.
Project Owner Contributor

Refugee reuniter


952 14 2 17
It's a gadget that detects both the vibration of an earthquake and the tweets next to your location that contain #earthquake references.
Project Owner Contributor

Earthquake validation gadget


1.2k 54 0 16
Heart Failure is a debilitating condition that most old people encounters. A PoC uses coded signals, Doppler and a sound ML classifier.
2.3k 14 5 15
a system to prevent human-elephant conflict by detecting elephants using machine vision, and warning humans and/or repelling elephants
Project Owner Contributor

Elephant AI

Neil K. Sheridan

857 10 5 13
Under served communities can benefit from the exchange of information through local mesh networks to exchange critical notifications