10.9k 596 25 139
Creating and retrieving passwords for all your accounts has never been this easy and convenient!
21.3k 570 12 87
An hacker's swiss knife in the form factor of the best phone ever
Project Owner Contributor

1337 3310 tool

Mastro Gippo

10.4k 716 8 70
Pavapro is tiny programmer you can bring anywhere. You can load binary file into it and bring/use it as you wish. And a bit more than that.
8.8k 616 24 47
Let your home automation know which room you're in, your car to know if you're nearby or any other need to detect proximity over a range.
4.1k 66 14 30
The Robotic 3rd Hand is worn on the forearm and hands you a tool right when you need it.
Project Owner Contributor

Robotic 3rd Hand


6.9k 208 2 26
Multimeter remote display using a wireless link
Project Owner Contributor

Multimeter remote display

Ken Kaarvik

7.1k 72 22 25
Short circuit finder, especailly for PCB checking
Project Owner Contributor

Shorty - short circuit finder


8.2k 57 33 23
A USB keyboard for custom shortcuts based on the Pro Trinket and Pro Micro
Project Owner Contributor

Pro Trinket USB Keyboard

Stefan Lochbrunner

5.5k 54 26 19
A watch with an OLED display, powered by a Trinket
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket Watch


4.8k 63 5 18
Uses a Trinket Pro to provide an USB HID keyboard interface to a commonly available digital caliper
Project Owner Contributor

USB Caliper HID

Lou Cabral

1.6k 361 15 16
Not your typical "voice recorder" -- an audio event recorder on steroids
2.3k 38 11 15
Helps keep track of how hot or cold my insulin has gotten and when I last had an injection. Great for the absent minded diabetic!
Project Owner Contributor

Insulin Minder

Linus Dillon

5k 70 4 14
Finding open WIFI connections, default setups, and messing with people around you wanting an open wifi connection.
Project Owner Contributor

Shame on you!


1.5k 55 0 14
Build your own RFID Ninja Tool, aka "The RFID Cloner Plus". It can also be a flashlight, a voltmeter, a thermometer, and more.
Project Owner Contributor

RFID Ninja Tool

Dan McDougall

36.7k 56 6 13
A room climate monitor
Project Owner Contributor

Sniffing Trinket

Georg Krocker

3.9k 29 14 11
Spreading the voice of Eduard Khil
Project Owner Contributor

Portable Trollmaster 3000

Dr Salica

2.3k 325 0 11
Portable lo-fi music sequencer
Project Owner Contributor


Michele Perla

973 34 5 9
There's not much that's more EDC than a watch. LED matrix-based word watch, inspired by Daniel Rojas's micro word clock recently on the blog
Project Owner Contributor

Word watch


2.1k 455 0 9
A Trinket powered wireless user interface for multimedia and workout tracking.
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 29 2 9
A portable, battery powered device that sounds an alarm when your bag is moved. Once armed, can only be turned off by your secret code.
1.2k 45 6 8
A simple pocket tool to measure and log wind speed and direction.
Project Owner Contributor

Wind Measurement

Christopher Kratz

656 28 1 8
A wristband that helps me overcome my laziness, and has me get up and move a bit every 20 minutes
Project Owner Contributor


Vasilis Georgitzikis

1.7k 493 3 8
A portable altimeter that logs the relative height with a simple display to show max and current altitude.
Project Owner Contributor

Portable Altimeter Logger with Display


1.6k 30 1 8
Much like the Arduboy, or the Gamebuino, I'm trying to put together a Trinket compatible portable games console
Project Owner Contributor

Gameboy form factor Trinket

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

2.8k 1.2k 15 8
An open hardware / open software vibrator, using a Trinket Pro (pro version) or a Digispark (mini version).
Project Owner Contributor


Welsh Mullet

2.3k 56 0 8
This portable device gives a live read-out of current and voltage between your DC power source and your load! (max 26V DC, 3.2 A).
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket Pro Multi-Readout Multimeter


2.4k 45 4 6
Simple pocket sized function generator
Project Owner Contributor



1k 52 0 6
This project is intended as an entry for the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest. A trinket based, convenient, wearable voice memo recorder
Project Owner Contributor

A Wearable Voice Memo Recorder


3.5k 449 0 6
Apio is a platform Hardware and Software for control via Smartphone, Tablet and PC your DIY smart Home
Project Owner Contributor

Apio: Your DIY Smart Home

Alessandro Chelli

2.6k 19 8 5
A mini timing light to keep introductions brief and on task.
Project Owner Contributor

Networking Group Timing Light

Chad Lawson

849 315 0 5
or, how I can access a random emotion at the press of a button.
Project Owner Contributor

Can I borrow a feeling?

Sascha Grant

2.3k 33 4 5
Measuring device housed in an Altoids tin. Uses a rotary encoder with a wheel to estimate distance and display measurements on an LCD.
Project Owner Contributor

Distance Analyzer 3000

John Hamann

1.7k 414 5 4
A pocket sized serial and analog monitor
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket serial & analog terminal


499 491 0 4
In today's world, most of us could use a little more slack. Find it with this neurohacking tool.
Project Owner Contributor

Source of Slack


1.5k 36 2 4
A small pocket timer for anything. Reminders, countdowns, etc. Great for kids when you don't want to put a $200 iPod in their hands.
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket Timer


326 44 0 4
Use a color sensor + hackaday trinket to read in a color, convert to hex, and send to a computer or mobile device.
Project Owner Contributor

Color Reader

Michael Kohn

649 37 1 4
Because sometimes link lights lie.
Project Owner Contributor



297 8 0 3
Small handheld device to help the color deficient. This should really be on a Google glass like device...
Project Owner Contributor

Operation Red Glass


720 422 0 3
A no-nonsense keyboard for one handed typing.
Project Owner Contributor

Glove Keyboard


1.5k 51 1 3
Handheld tool for decoding and debugging IR interfaces, like TV remotes etc.
1.4k 37 1 3
This is a micro health care station which has some sensors to measure vital signs (body temperature, blood pressure and hearth rate)
Project Owner Contributor

Pocket Nurse

Martin Ferreira

3.1k 446 1 3
Espy room temps with a Trinket, a battery, a 1-wire sensor and an RGB LED
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket LED Thermometer


1.3k 23 2 3
I always feel like jackets needed more blinky sh*t. Now dreams become reality.
Project Owner Contributor

Stylin' safety jacket.


672 25 0 3
Tiny Trinket Time-Based One-Time Password
Project Owner Contributor



806 1.4k 0 2
A battery powered device to send or receive audio over Bluetooth for use in the home or car.
Project Owner Contributor

Universal Bluetooth Audio Adapter


560 76 0 2
529 30 0 2
Inspired by the Superprobe and tiq projects, and a comment on the contest announcement suggesting a Superprobe-esque project
Project Owner Contributor

Trinket Probe


721 323 6 1
An inline audio assistant to signal the next phase of the couch to 5k running program.
Project Owner Contributor

Couch to 5km Assistant