5.5k 104 8 33
Modernization of the Apollo Guidance Computer
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Open Source DSKY

Viva Penguinos

3.7k 71 4 26
Creating a small, autonomous robot to keep solar panel installations clean.
1.7k 539 0 19
Learn about FFTs and frequency domain processing! No actual monkeys were harmed during the production of this project
1.1k 44 0 16
Freescale / Hack A Day 2014 Make It Challenge Entry
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Internet of "Thing"


1.8k 60 3 14
This is a non-invasive breath detector, lungs thermometer and other breath parameters logger
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How are you? Errr... are you alive?


1.3k 36 1 14
MonkeyJam has been released. Build your own digital modeling stompbox. Over 4 hours of video lectures on audio processing! OSHPark ready!
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MonkeyJam - A DIY digital stomp box


5k 100 10 13
A chip timing device to measure your time on trails/hiking, interfacing with a cellphone through bluetooth
163 1.6k 0 6
A project to learn about HTML, Websockets, electrical control systems and embedded networking.
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