67k 597 75 246
A "dataless" Wi-Fi positioning system that can be used anywhere GPS can't.
Project Owner Contributor

SubPos Positioning System


17.2k 836 45 59
Embedded BASIC interpreter for CC2540 and CC2541 Bluetooth LE modules
Project Owner Contributor

BlueBasic: BASIC for Bluetooth

Tim Wilkinson

5.2k 289 4 56
A wireless analog/digital multitool & data recorder
Project Owner Contributor


Pierce Nichols

9.5k 162 7 55
A device to monitor the progress of fermentation (pH, specific gravity, alcohol, temperature)
Project Owner Contributor



3.3k 630 1 30
A tiny programmable WiFi enabled micro controller board
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Drop

Andreas Auer

5.8k 1.2k 5 27
Applying polymorphism to hardware enables users to do more with their devices while avoiding IoT pitfalls.
Project Owner Contributor

Polymorphic Hardware

Trey German

1.8k 1.1k 8 17
Sun Tracking, Charging, Cooling , Monitoring, Relay control. for my small solar panel installation.
Project Owner Contributor

SAM - Solar Automation Machine.


1.6k 484 3 15
Smart wifi connected motion tracker & iOS app with a personality!
4.8k 47 5 12
a simple breakout for CC3200MOD or CC3100MOD
Project Owner Contributor

CC3200/3100MOD Breakout Board

Will Whang

810 775 1 9
Tessel is an OSS/OSHW JS microcontroller with on-board wifi and modular extensibility to sensors, actuators, BLE, etc.
Project Owner Contributor



1k 327 0 9
The IoT thing
Project Owner Contributor



1k 447 0 9
A WiFi remote control targeted for Motionbuilder, but flexible enough for other uses.
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Motionbuilder control

Mike Hendricks