12.6k 1k 17 109
Measure brain activity with light
Project Owner Contributor

fNIR Brain Imager

Jeremy Ruhland

39.2k 928 0 98
Experiments with Decentralized VR/AR Infrastructure, Neural Networks, and 3D Internet.
Project Owner Contributor

Metaverse Lab


11.8k 145 6 85
Smart mirror with a virtual assistant like Jarvis in the iron man movie based on Raspberry Pi 2
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Mirror

Sathish Kumar

10.8k 713 27 53
Underwater robots!
Project Owner Contributor

BorgCube ROV

Tim Wilkinson

5.8k 514 15 53
An open-source, active motion capture suit
Project Owner Contributor


Alvaro Ferrán Cifuentes

6.4k 622 19 49
The physical keyboard for virtual reality.
Project Owner Contributor


Owen Trueblood

4.9k 395 15 31
Digitabulum is an open motion-capture glove that was intended to be a full-featured, hacker-friendly user-input and sensor platform.
13.7k 706 7 29
An OpenSource 3D position tracking system compatible with all VR headsets to make VR an exceptionnal experience
Project Owner Contributor

VR Tracker

Jules Thuillier

10.3k 1.2k 4 29
... with video pass-through ...
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Augmented Reality Device

Arcadia Labs

6.4k 836 3 29
A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.
Project Owner Contributor



877 447 6 29
I love Virtual Reality but hate VR sickness, I decided to take a look at some options.... and a possible cure
1.8k 293 1 20
[Anonymous Virtual Augmented Local Network]: Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure
Project Owner Contributor



5.6k 700 6 20
By gimbaling the camera view instead of the actual cameras, orientational error and resulting motion sickness are greatly diminished.
871 562 2 19
WobbleWonder is a full-on Virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift and a smart phone's accelerometer! (v1 was Wobble Wobble)
Project Owner Contributor


Sophi Kravitz

4.9k 214 1 17
Facial Features Tracking Demo on MicroZed Embedded Vision Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing
Project Owner Contributor

Vision Based Face Tracking


1.6k 404 17 14
My idea for a room based VR positioning system. The goal is for tennis court coverage to play "real" virtual tennis!
Project Owner Contributor

Room Based VR Positioning

Lee Cook

1.5k 1.7k 0 14
One of the simplest Augmented Reality examples for anyone who's new to this technology
496 96 1 14
Wobble Wobble is a connected balance board which is a vehicle of transport through a virtual world. Status: proof of concept completed.
Project Owner Contributor

Wobble Wobble

Sophi Kravitz

1.4k 1.3k 0 13
A networked room that changes its appearance to simulate any environment.
1.3k 681 3 13
This is a robot platform with stereo cameras and omniwheel drive. It can be connected to HMD (e.g., google cardboad, ocolus rift, ...)
3.6k 553 10 12
Home brew head mounted display/virtual reality hacking project.
Project Owner Contributor

DIY VR: Notculus Rift


694 26 0 11
Throwing fireballs with the Kinect and Oculus Rift in Unity 3D to make a game where you are a viking that throws fireballs at other vikings.
1.2k 544 0 11
Controlling an InMoov Robot in a Virtual environment using Serial data
Project Owner Contributor

Virtual InMoov Robot ( VinMoov )


1.3k 581 4 10
An accelerometer/gyro goes onto an Arduino board and transmits the angular motion of the skateboard via bluetooth to a VR game.
2.1k 804 0 10
Mount 2 cameras on a few servos, glue them to a crane. Read the position of the crane and display it into the field of view of the Rift.
Project Owner Contributor

Oculus Rift featured Crane control


1.2k 1.8k 1 10
A Modular VR / AR Protoboard Designed for 3D Printing
Project Owner Contributor


Brian Ferrara

713 1.7k 0 9
This Augmented Reality tutorial will allow you to put virtual 3D skull and 3D iron man mask models on your head!Try it out, it's really fun!
Project Owner Contributor

Augmented Reality and Kinect

Edgaras Art

1.1k 1.5k 0 8
World's First Remotely Controlled "Humanoid" Robot a.k.a Shadow Bot
Project Owner Contributor

Humanoid Robot


1.1k 584 3 7
In 2011, I worked on a prototype head mounted display using two smartphones as display panels for left and right eyes. It used LEEP lenses.
746 420 0 7
PC compatible VR system for use with PC games. The goal, just to see what I can do with 50 dollars. :)
Project Owner Contributor

VR on the Cheap


1.1k 27 1 6
About a year ago i figured out the connections to put an ipad mini retina screen onto an oculus rift, this is our story.
311 1 3 6
A google cardboard compatible headset that works with prescription glasses
Project Owner Contributor

VR Glasses


958 1.6k 0 6
Virtual reality recording and streaming using the Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Costas Vav

496 1.8k 0 6
A one-handed chorded-input keyboard.
Project Owner Contributor

The Gauntlet


631 692 0 6
This Augmented reality Tutorial using Unity3D, Vuforia, Zigfu and Kinect Allows to Control Character with Your Body
666 501 0 5
We realized the system that everybody wants. Brushing cute girl's teeth with haptic feedback in virtual world.
Project Owner Contributor

VR Tooth Brushing


1.7k 1.7k 0 5
This tutorial shows how to track words in text. According to the tracked word videos starts to play in Augmented Reality.
312 2.3k 0 5
A voodoo style control of humanoids or others, that incorporates video stream and haptics. Apparatus for Remote Control of Humanoid Robots.
Project Owner Contributor



282 225 0 5
I always wanted to shoot things in virtual reality, but I can't afford an Oculus Rift. So, this is what I came up with.
340 713 0 4
This is Augmented Reality Tutorial using Unity3D and Vuforia for Dinosaur Movement Control with Arrow Keys
388 659 0 4
Augmented Reality Tutorial using Unity3D, Vuforia and Leap Motion – Take Virtual Flower in Your Hands
242 553 0 4
Composing media into Virtual Reality formats with GNU/Linux shell scripting via industrial strength Imagemagick & FFmpeg.
Project Owner Contributor

Stereo Vision Experiments


336 297 0 4
Using Morton Heilig’s 1957 invention, “Sensorama,” as a source for inspiration, I have developed a DIY virtual reality platform.
1.9k 304 0 3
A person with a remote access wi-fi r/c az-el (azimuth elevation) web-cam attached to a cart. Allows disabled to tour any locale.
2.5k 27 7 3
Very easy build for a big screen phone Google Cardboard
880 651 0 3
In this tutorial you will be able to interact with the content of Augmented Reality - cast magic effects using Arduino and photoresistor
273 697 0 3
This Augmented Reality Tutorial using Unity3D and Vuforia shows how to Export Android AR App for Money Augmentation
273 1k 1 3
This project that I made in my university was about get a virtual reality with Arduino.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino+Virtual reality+Wii


607 253 2 3
Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles: Built my own cell phone stereograph viewer with parts from my Lego optics lab.
1.3k 1.7k 0 2
This tutorial shows how to use Virtual Buttons to change 3D models in Augmented Reality application
238 1.8k 0 2
In this tutorial effects are augmented on real box
336 7 0 2
For the TVCOG VR Hackathon my teammates and I decided to create a haptic feedback system to help with task training.
Project Owner Contributor

VR Training Feedback


273 389 1 1
Motion Sensing Controller + "RC Quad Copter" or "Robotic Arms" or "...." = "Not so" Virtual Reality
Project Owner Contributor

Total Control

Alex Cartier

1 0 1
64 Pixel are enough for everybody
Project Owner Contributor

Lo-Res VR


1.1k 216 3 1
Wand and Haptic Exoskeleton Glove Devices for VR/AR IO.
Project Owner Contributor

VR/AR interaction devices

Gaurav Ghorpade

346 1.7k 0 1
In this tutorial real DBZ Songoku statue is tracked and various effects added on top of it.
88 0 0 0
An electrode-studded mask for emotion recognition, VR avatar expression, and medical observation and communication uses.
Project Owner Contributor

Facial EMG Mask


253 257 0 0
A visual walking aid to help Parkinson’s patients might be possible by using virtual reality tools like Hololens or Oculus Rift.
74 2 3 0
All my little niggles with cardboard fixed. At least as good as GearVR, but with a zenfone.
0 0 0
Create a subtle energy reality perception tool to see and interact with subtle energy thought forms.
Project Owner Contributor

The Peacemaker 2020