8.7k 549 8 257
EEG to control a Smart house. Oriented to persons with disabilities.
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Felipe Valencia V

7.2k 414 7 86
Acquire EEG, ECG, EMG (medical instrument) signals while rejecting AC coupled noise
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Biopotential Signal Library

Paul Stoffregen

13.1k 628 1 74
Using an EEG sensor and pianobar, I control Pandora with my brainwaves. Whenever a bad song comes on, the script skips to the next song.
8.4k 295 1 47
Using an open source platform to investigate the "readiness potential" and what it says about human free will
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Arduino, EEG, and Free Will

Patrick Glover

2.3k 451 8 27
Wireless device for monitoring bioelectric signals, e.g. ECG or EEG (brainwaves)
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Marcin Byczuk

1.6k 67 12 25
A small, cheap, light-weight preamplifier for student use in electrophysiology labs. Performance is quite good.
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Small physiological preamplifier

Bruce Land

2.1k 328 6 16
a biofeedback wristband with galvanic skin response: giving insight into emotions
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2.1k 1.2k 0 13
MindFlex headset + Arduino = Portable electroencephalograph!
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Portable EEG

Victor Frost

1.3k 13 1 12
How to hack the Star Wars Force Trainer and MindFlex EEG toys with serial or wireless com via two types of Arduinos and visualize with D3
1.3k 281 0 10
Connecting people through lights controlled by their mind's power to focus: the tech breakdown of the art piece
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George Profenza

449 112 0 6
A submission to IoT Hack Day 2015. Our team is working on creating mind-controlled music on a robotic xylophone.
983 6 4 4
Ideas to reduce traumatic brain injury (TBI) in bicycle and motorcycle accidents.
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Improved Helmets

Stuart Longland