7.1k 68 9 81
An ARM based scientific calculator
Project Owner Contributor

Scientific Calculator

Ramón Calvo

5k 1.4k 2 36
An Enigma Machine Simulator was created with an Arduino UNO and a Touchscreen LCD. Simulates Enigma I, M3, M4, the Plugboard and Uhr Switch.
2k 60 3 34
A pocket-sized KIM-1 replica with added '6502 programmable calculator mode'. Parts cost is about $10.
Project Owner Contributor

KIM Uno: A simple KIM-1 replica


4.7k 25 0 27
A programmable RPN calculator using way too many Nixie tubes
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RPN Nixie Calculator


4.1k 137 10 25
Control DMX equipment, such as lights, from a TI-84
1.6k 22 0 21
NP-41 is a hardware realization of the Nonpariel calculator simulator. It executes the original HP-41C / CV byte-codes.
Project Owner Contributor

NP-41 RPN Calculator

Chris Chung

3.9k 37 2 19
Finally you can do math in the dark.
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TI-84+ SE Backlight

Tyler Anderson

2.2k 175 5 18
CalcHack is a project to add missing features to graphic calculators. It adds many exciting functions students wanted for a long time.
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Sean Dylan Goff

1k 13 2 16
Handmade retro taking calculator with QDSP6064 bubble display
1.7k 10 0 11
An RPN based scientific calculator with four line display based on the MSP430 microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

RPN Scientific Calculator

Joey Shepard

989 14 0 9
TI-86 calculator replica based on STM32F407
Project Owner Contributor

TI-86 replica


583 16 0 9
A graphing calculator based on a modern 65C02 microprocessor.
Project Owner Contributor

6502 Graphing Calculator

Joey Shepard

341 5 1 7
The AriCalculator is a DIY calculator or a general purpose handheld device.
859 11 4 6
Homebrew scientific/graphing calculator
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Wenting Z.

463 5 4 6
Stretching the limits of Arduino with an Arduino Duemilanove Graphing Calculator.
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Blue Okiris

460 115 4 5
49-key mini keypad
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824 23 4 3
I found the front case/keypad of an HP-21 in electronics recycling a while ago. I'm going to try to get it working again with Trinket guts.
378 6 0 3
An RPN scientific calculator with keystroke programming based on the LPC1114 microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

Programmable RPN Calculator

Joey Shepard