16.7k 422 2 59
A smart infinity mirror that's also a clock
Project Owner Contributor

Infinity Mirror Clock

Dushyant Ahuja

2k 997 0 27
A radio controlled Nixie clock which also features a thermometer.
Project Owner Contributor

Radio controlled Nixie Clock


2.3k 174 4 24
for building clocks and bring them anywhere you want, even integrated a temperature sensor, if you're into that kind of stuff
1.5k 247 0 14
A super sized 7 Segment Clock based on LED Stripes and Arduino.
Project Owner Contributor

Super Sized 7 Segment LED Clock.

Mario Lukas

868 79 5 14
A sarcastic dig at law enforcement that arrested a kid with a clock at school.
1.3k 24 5 12
stm32 dev board, data logger, etc...
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 1k 0 11
Not a bomb.
564 226 6 10
Building a clock together.
961 216 4 10
Talking alarm clock using an old Russian VFD tube
Project Owner Contributor

IW18 VFD Clock

Malte Pöggel

1.7k 380 0 9
A program was created to display a digital clock in a KIM Uno. #IStandWithAhmed
Project Owner Contributor

KIM Uno Digital Clock

Arduino Enigma

387 641 0 9
Clock built from Soldering Practice board for Clocks for Social Good
Project Owner Contributor

Soldering Clock

Mike Szczys

607 186 3 9
VFD clock using opto-copplers as drivers and an arduino as the multiplexing controller
519 107 0 8
This is a Clock Build which will switch to a Counter if a alert is received.
Project Owner Contributor



584 320 1 8
A functional and beautiful clock, with dual analog meters to tell time.
Project Owner Contributor

Analog Voltmeter Clock


729 112 0 7
Home made 7 segment clock housed in an external Western Digital hard drive enclosure
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 276 0 6
Using LEDs and an ESP8266 to make a smart, futuristic Star Wars clock
Project Owner Contributor

The Clock Awakens

Alex Cordonnier

1.9k 612 2 6
An alarm clock that encourages tinkering and modification. Targeted for kids, but fun for old hacks like myself.
Project Owner Contributor

Hack-Ready Alarm Clock


558 515 2 6
Gets attention, tells time, promotes knowledge of the electronics hobby & DIY/STEM in general, and advertises my local hackerspace a bit
687 487 0 6
It's a simple digital clock with bright numbers and wires. It looks like a clock. What else would it look like?
Project Owner Contributor

obvious clock is obvious

Douglas Henke

316 1.3k 4 6
A little arduino based clock
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Stardate Clock

Phil Culmer

961 304 0 6
A Binary-Encoded Numerical LED clock, because those seem to be trendy these days.
Project Owner Contributor

MSP430 Binary LED Clock

W. Alex Best

877 208 0 5
Now with added LEGO™ - an ATMEGA328-based Arduino-compatible breadboard clock with a DS1307 for timekeeping and two DM134s driving 24 LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor

Unary Clock

Shrimping It

183 273 0 5
A quick digital clock based on a Teensy 3.1 and some LED matrices
Project Owner Contributor

Teensy Clock

Rich H

372 213 1 5
Binary clock with a bit of help from CGA colors
Project Owner Contributor

CGA Clock

Mark Jeronimus

139 358 0 5
Just another LED clock, using vintage HP5280-7340 led dot displays
Project Owner Contributor

Retro - LED clock

David Anderson

312 313 0 4
A clock that uses 3 stepping motors to move shapes that indicate the time.
Project Owner Contributor



313 203 0 4
A clock made to log out brown outs at my parents home.
Project Owner Contributor

VFD Clock with Blackout logging


86 749 0 3
A chronometer for entrepreneurs pitching their startups in 7 minutes.
Project Owner Contributor

Pitch Chronometer

Renato Toi

338 148 0 3
A binary clock
Project Owner Contributor



71 213 0 2
When I found this multi-digit LED board in a surplus store, I knew I had to not only reverse-engineer the pins, but make a clock with it.
Project Owner Contributor

Homebrew Multiplexed Clock

Martin Zimmerman