Mechanical Engineer who tinkers with electronics and digital fabrication in his spare time.

Glasgow, Scotland
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This user joined on 08/06/2014.

Things I've Built


This project started with a Robot-shaped tin into which I added an Arduino, two 5v steppers, batteries, and a speaker all mounted on a balsa wood 'sled'. The project was built on a Christmas Eve, but since it looks like a boy I named him stEve.

Robosapien Alarm Clock

Bought the first Robosapien as soon as it was available from my local store. It wasn't long before I had opened it to see how it worked. He was turned into an alarm clock by adding a PIC microcontroller and LCD to his chest cavity.

Arduino Robot "Clone of stEve"

Designed and built a set of 6 robots built for a workshop entitled "Arduino with Motors". The robots are made from laser cut acrylic and host two 5v steppers, their driver boards and an Arduino UNO with a breadboard.

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Stefan Hamminga wrote 09/11/2014 at 08:19 point
Hi Markcra! I've just launched the Kickstarter campaign to get the Scrobby into production. I'd love to hear what you or your colleagues think.

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Stefan Hamminga wrote 08/20/2014 at 18:06 point
Hi markcra! Thanks for the skull! It's great to know you like my project. Interesting to see we both seem to have come from the mechanical side of things.

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markcra wrote 08/20/2014 at 18:28 point
Looks like a great project Stefan. The company I work for has a small solar panel sales team, I'll need to show them your cleaning robot.

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