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Things I've Built

Apple Remote on Raspberry Pi with long keypresses

Hacking Raspberry Pi to work wit Apple REemote and Long Keypresses. I was buing used and new replacemt Apple Remote sensors to connect them to a USB connector making them into a "Real Apple" IR sensor They worked on Macs too with native drivers

Hacking a non mac OS compatible printer to a Mac with Linux drivers

Hacking a Mac OSX machine to use linux drives after a friend wanted to purchase a color printer for her mac it was not Mac compatible. I had just read something about installing Linux drivers in OSX and it worked.

Numerous mods to TV harwaree

WHen I worked as a Television ENgineer there was always a hack in the works , from modifying a Video Tape recorder to finding a way to make something work for the duration of the production. It was a hack a day life.

HTML/PHP scanner interface

PHP and HTML to support a series of scanners in Linux and extending the usability to entire network. REcently updating for AirScan compatible scanners

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