Maximiliano Palay

Telematics Eng. Passionate about mechatronics. With a special attention to detail.

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This user joined on 04/22/2021.

Things I've Built

Camera slider

Using cheap aluminum tubes, bearings and 3d printed parts, I made a programmable camera slider. The brain is an Arduino Nano and the user could manually select position or program movement time. Movement is provided with a NEMA 17 and thr. rod.


Around 2015 I built my first quadcopter from sourced parts. After several iterations, it turned out quite good!

DIY Ground Control Station for robots

When making the Cablecam, I saw the need to have a customizable controller with flexibility for controlling multiple robots. That's how the DIY GCS idea was born.

CNC laser engraver / cutter

Cheap CNC 2-axis machine made using hardware store available parts and a 3d printer. Used an Arduino Nano and hobby brushless motors, paired with a FOC controller.


The cablecam is a robot that moves on a string. I made my own version using a Raspberry PI, an Nvidia Jetson Nano, Arduinos, and hobby brushless motors. And why not throw some AI into it?

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