Engineer, hacker, maker, father, tinkerer, recumbentrider/-builder, spartan, GNU/Linuxer

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Things I've Built

Tandem V3.0

After a while 2 kids need to be transported and all should be able to push it. Was some modification to the orgiginal parts and a new middle part. 3.5m total lenght, 2.5m wheelbase.

Tandem v2.0

Built just another 2nd half for the tandem to have a transportation option my (at that time 2 year old daughter). Just detach the back half and attach the kiddy part. Since the front part is front wheel driven, this was a 2-day hack.

A back 2 back recumbent tandem

Built as an race tandem together with a friend. Nice feature is, that because each rider drives the own wheel, that there is a coupling in the frame, so you can separate it in 2 parts.

HPV table

An ikea hack which converts the table, which is vertically adjustable using human food pedal power. Using mostly parts found in my tinkering basement.

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