• About Muneeb Chawla

    10/05/2021 at 05:16 0 comments

    A data scientist in Aurora, Colorado, Muneeb Chawla joined Auto Profit Masters as an artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer in 2020. Drawing on a background in computer science, business, and statistics, he created a computer vision deep learning model to automate the processing of part vendor invoices for accounting and a Deep Learning ChatBot to provide technical support for online customers. Muneeb Chawla also built a model to predict customer response to marketing messages.

    Before joining Auto Profit Masters, Mr. Chawla worked as a data scientist with CACO and DaVita. He holds a bachelor of science and master of science in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado. He earned a Ph.D. through an interdisciplinary doctorate program that combined business courses with a Ph.D. thesis on developing aerospace industry payload algorithms. In 2016, he participated in a 12-week fellowship with Galvanize.

    A former competitive hockey player, Muneeb Chawla continues to play the sport at a recreational level. He also enjoys hiking, biking, and swimming.