Brandon Kang

Interactive Media Artist
Software Hardware engineer
Gameplay Programmer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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This user joined on 01/21/2015.

Things I've Built

36 x 36

kinetic artwork with the motif from paper sculpture's movement need to analyze the moving pattern, composing physical computing system, and designing actuator.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a interactive module. It had big mouth made of paper and wood that mimic the audience's voice by microphone. Maker Faire 2012 Seoul

Distance Detective Glove

This glove is for the low vision people to detect far away objects easily with LED and vibration feedback. Ultra sensor detects the distance data and send to Arduino. Arduino calculate the data and give feed to user by vibrating motor and light


Self Scanimation is a interactive media art. The title, Scanimation, comes from the word, scan and animation. Using optical illusion, making animation by stop images

Um...bring me

'Um..bring me' is an umbrella embodied in a device using IOT concept. Through an android weather application, it receives today's weather information via Bluetooth communication. LEDs in the hand grip light up based on the rainfall

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