Srinivas Nistala

I am an Electronics enthusiast, I like to experiment, build and explore.

Bangalore, India
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This user joined on 10/24/2015.

Things I've Built

Digital Field Power Supply

It is a Portable Digital Power Supply capable of generating very Clean DC supply ranging from 1.5V-12V, 1A (max 12W). It is very useful equipment for hackers and hobbyists as it effectively tackles the need of a regulated benchtop powersupply.

USB Programmer for 93C46 Eeproms

A USB programmer for 93Cxx series MicroWire bus based EEPROM like AT93C46, AT93C66 etc. It was built to reset certain printer cartridges Toner refill count, so that it could be reused instead of throwing them.

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Dennis wrote 08/19/2018 at 02:34 point

Hi, Thanks for liking Indoor Light Charged Power Supply.

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