software engineer. interested in research projects including arduino, fpga, image processing, alternative energy. implementing one by one..

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Things I've Built

HTML search engine to summize and categorize data from given web sites

examples are product search with the capability of price changes and properties detection and auto-categorization of products. this engine can also auto-walk pages of a given start link. project is very stable for even javascript enabled pages.

File recovery project

file recovery for FAT and NTFS file systems written back in 2003.

ultra-fast fire and smoke detection

opencv implementation of recent papers on the subject happened to be a research project for saving forests in Turkey and elsewhere in the world. Selected as a one of the best environmental research projects by TET ARGE.

window security

window security project. doesn't disturb when people inside room unlike standart usage of PIR sensors. only triggers alarm when someone enters from the window. Has an RF remote with brute-force protection. Sends sms using raspberry PI.

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