Owen Trueblood

Hardware and software hacker with a bent towards the esoteric and artistic.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Things I've Built

Digitized Mechanical Typewriter

Read Gameboy Camera from AVR

Broadcasts pictures over serial.

Weird Clay Music Thing

It had an Arduino inside and 3 speakers. Played algorithmically generated music out of the tentacles.


Attiny13-based demo platform.

Desktop CNC Machine

Never worked.

USB TV Remote Receiver

Rigged up in software to control WinAmp.

Altoids Tin POV Display

A Small Keyboard

Atmega328P brain. Sends key presses over 9600 baud serial.

Hacky Watch

Made in 4 hours out of parts on hand.

LED Panda

Picture is of the display that the panda was on. The video below is of the actual panda:

A Blog Engine

Based on Jekyll, but with incremental updates over FTP.

Modular Drawbot

PC controls multiple battery-powered stepper motor modules over bluetooth to draw on a whiteboard. Made with 2 friends for hackMIT.

Calculator with GPIO

Dead-bug soldered AVR and simple support circuit in a TI-83+ calculator. Over a DB9 connector added to the back of the calculator there is serial RX and TX, analog output (PWM through filter), and 4 digital IO or analog inputs. RGB LED too.

Drawing on TI-84+ Calculator from Arduino

Wrote code that implemented the TI link protocol for Arduino, and then sent keypresses to a calculator from a Ruby script over an Arduino to draw arbitrary pictures with the calculator's drawing tools.

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Ulysse wrote 04/15/2017 at 21:47 point

Hi Owen, thank you for Pablo. Famous maker, respect.

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