Star Wars: RPG Simulator

Darksider7Darksider7 wrote 06/16/2015 at 00:54 • 1 min read • Like


The RPG Simulator will replicate (with the help from kinetics...) can recreate scenes and actions from the video games to the feature films.

It would be a massive multiplayer where subscribers can access and role-play there favorite character: hero or villain (the design would be similar to the "Second Life" grid...).

The simulator would be completely open source anywhere from the design of supplies, weapons, vehicles, and entire landscapes. If I'm in search of original story ideas there is always (Fanfiction) writers from all across the globe give there film scripts and book ideas to this enormous online resource. If some of this material can be recreated from page - to - simulator we would be exploring worlds never - seen - before in movies or in print.