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WhatsApp, the messaging app used by every smartphone user which is owned by Facebook including lots of features in it. One of the basic features is Delete Messages that allows users to clear messages in order to free up space.

Have you ever deleted an important message accidentally, while clearing out the chat history? If yes then worry not I have mentioned some of the methods in this post that will help you to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android.

Method 1: Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android Using Google Drive

Well, this method is only possible if you have done the backup process of your WhatsApp data to Google Drive before deleting messages.

So, before knowing the actual steps to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android, let’s look over the process of backing up messages to Google drive. 

Backup WhatsApp Data To Google Drive: 

If you have already backed up your messages then skip these backup steps.
Otherwise, follow these steps to back up your WhatsApp Messages On Android: 

I know that no one wants to face such a problem. So, to avoid the dark side keep a backup of your data for further use.

Now come to the method of restoring backup messages from Google Drive:

The main problem arises when messages get removed from WhatsApp without any backup. In this case, you can move on to the second method.

Method 2: Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android Using Local Backup

If your chat history has been deleted and you have not done any backup process then also using this method you can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android

So, here the question arises how? Simply the answer is because WhatsApp creates its local backup in the phone’s internal or SD card storage once a day. 

Now follow these steps to restore messages using local backup: 


So, now if you have deleted messages accidentally then no need to worry. You can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android using these above-mentioned methods.
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