UI Libraries for React, Vue, and Angular

Long NguyenLong Nguyen wrote 04/07/2021 at 09:42 • 4 min read • Like
When you hear about JavaScript programming, React, Vue, and Angular are three famous JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks apply various patterns, flows, and structures to develop web applications to make the programming quick, easy, and structured. With proper web programming patterns, the web app becomes organized and scalable over time. That is thanks to JavaScript frameworks. However, you still need UI libraries to integrate various features in the web app hassle-free. The good news is that lots of UI libraries available to choose from. These libraries ensure that your web app will have proper features. Each of them offers unique functionalities and components to make web development with frameworks a lit easier. Plus, rest assured that your web app becomes feature-rick and powerful. Below are the best UI libraries for React, Vue, and Angular:


  1. Prime React 

This UI library is designed to change your React app’s overall UI theme boundary. It offers a comprehensive, accessible, flexible, and design-agnostic React UI components collection. You can take advantage of different UI components for buttons, menus, data representation, form designs, to name a few. It offers UI design elements that you will find unique to any other UI libraries as it allows you to have well-crafted views using the components into the React app.
  1. React Toolbox

This UI library is one of the most valuable options you must know as a React developer. It helps in providing advanced React components that are essential for building an outstanding React UI. With this UI library, you can take advantage of different components with elements that are based on the Material Design UI of Google. You can even customize these components.
  1. Styled Component 

If you choose this UI library, you can write CSS designs with more innovation and power. Since the components harness the tagged template literals, you can quickly write the actual CSS codes to the UI library components. This UI library also redeems styles with the components at the low-level constructs and higher-level elements. Plus, it removes the mapping between the styles and components for easy CSS styles application.
  1. Formik 

Formik offers adaptable, intuitive, and declarative elements you can use to build dynamic forms with ease. You do not need to worry about the annoying and repetitive stuff when keeping track of validation, errors handling submissions, and values.


  1. Ant Design Vue 

This UI library for Vue provided design components for enterprise-level products. It is primarily designed for React framework but currently available with enterprise-level UI components. When you use this library, you can deliver an enterprise-level UI interactivity and experience. While you can set the best quality Vue components, you can try sharing the design for React resources.
  1. Vuetify 

Vuetify is one of the top options by many Vue developers because of its powerful UI components. It puts the material design components at its disposal. You can choose from a wide array of expertly crafted UI components, where you can build engaging and rich user experiences. This UI library also adapts a mobile-first design approach. That way, you can build an application with compatibility with any device platform. It also comes with a community that can help you solve any related issues. If you want to build design elements as quickly as possible, this one is for you.
  1. Element 

This Vue2.0-based UI library offers a state-of-the-art UI themes and components. As a desktop-based UI library, the components are modern and beautiful, with plugins that provide various functionalities. The components offered by this UI library are customizable, thanks to different component attributes. Plus, the UI elements allow you to build an intuitive and modern application.
  1. Vue Draggable 

Vue Draggable is the right UI library for you for list-based drag and drops feature integration to the Vue ecosystem. It supports touch functionality while offering synchronization with a wide array of models.


  1. Primeface 

Primeface is one of the best UI libraries built for Angular. It offers powerful, elegant, and dynamic components so that you can confidently build an Angular app. All the components offered are highly accessible and customizable. Using this UI library, you can improve your Angular app’s performance, features, and looks. This open-source UI library allows you to power-up your app development.
  1. Ngxbootstrap 

This UI library for the Angular app offers incredible and robust components. Instead of downloading the resources directly from the bootstrap, you can use this UI components library to integrate bootstrap to your Angular app with ease. All the components offered by this library are elegant and flexible. You can use them to any Angular app type.
  1. Ng2 File Upload

With this UI library, uploading and downloading file features is not tough when implementing the UI and different functionalities. You can choose the file from the local drive and upload it to the desired web server. Plus, it works well with angular wysiwyg.
  1. Ng2 Handsontable 

This UI library provides tables like grid structure. It integrates with data sources while delivering robust features like column order, data building, grouping, sorting, and data validation. With the above UI libraries for React, Vue, and Angular, web app development becomes more efficient, structured, and straightforward.