Exhibition Position

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Huaxing Intelligent Control UWBLOC positioning system adopts self-developed wireless pulse ranging technology to achieve precise positioning of exhibition hall personnel and exhibits. The positioning accuracy is better than 30 cm. By setting the base station on the positioning site, the target object that needs to be positioned is worn Positioning tags can realize real-time accurate positioning of the target object. Based on this, various functions can be expanded to realize rich functional applications.

The entire positioning system consists of 3 parts, 1. is the data collection layer (including positioning tags and positioning base stations); 2. the data transmission layer; 3. is the data processing layer (mainly including server and positioning platform software).


As shown in the figure below, by arranging several positioning base stations in the area where positioning is required, personnel can wear positioning tags to achieve precise positioning of personnel.

System function introduction

The global display on the map is the location of the target object, the location is updated in real time in milliseconds, and the number of various people in the area is automatically counted.

Historical trajectory playback function, you can query the historical movement trajectory data of personnel in any period of time.

The electronic fence can be drawn to any area through the software, and the dangerous alarm can be triggered when the unauthorized personnel approach.

The automatic inspection record function can record the time when the personnel arrive at the inspection point, the statistics of the stay time at the inspection point, whether the inspection is completed, and whether the inspection statistics are generated according to the planning requirements and the report records are generated.

The automatic attendance area can be arbitrarily delimited by the software, personnel entering and exiting the attendance area can complete the attendance function without perception, record personnel attendance information, and generate attendance reports.

The video linkage function can specify to track a certain target object, and can link the video screen to realize the automatic fusion function of personnel positioning and camera.

The location label has a one-key call for help button. In an emergency, you can use the one-key call for help button to call for help. After receiving the information, the rescuer can quickly locate and arrive at the scene of the incident for rescue in time.

The system also provides convenient secondary development functions, development data interfaces, and rapid development docking SDK to realize data docking between positioning systems and other platforms.

Some application cases