Hacking Existing LED Sign

Kody Alan Rogers wrote 04/25/2021 at 19:30 2 points

I found this really cool project by Solid State Group and I am wondering how I could use it to get an existing 3 foot by 2 foot LED sign working again.

The sign was assembled and configured by a company that refused to service it 3 months after when it broke. It is currently using Linsn controllers and was configured using the Linsn LED Studio. That software has not been updated for over 6 years, and Windows 7 is needed to run it.

I am wondering how difficult it would be to use the existing LED panels to reassemble the sign to use a Raspberry Pi and use the software from that project to control it?

I have some hardware experience with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and I have designed printed circuit boards before. I also have programming experience with C/C++ and Python. What other skills would I need to complete a project like this?

Are there any suggestions as to what hardware, software, or example projects I should read up on?

Thanks for any suggestions people have!