Multilayer PCB

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Initially, electronic components were available in DIP packages only and PCB boards were used to be large-sized, thus having more space for the PCB wirings/connections. But with the research in nanotechnology, electronics get introduced with SMD(Service Mount Device) components. SMD components are very small-sized components and their sole purpose is to reduce the overall size of electronic kits/circuits. So, now when SMD components are used in PCBs, they are placed very close to each other, and in complex designs, there's not enough space to pass the tracing lines of connection wires. So, to overcome this issue, Multilayer PCBs are introduced, where connections/wirings are split across different PCB boards(called layers) and these layers are laminated to keep insulated from each other and glued together. So, any PCB having 3 or more layers is termed a MultiLayer PCB.Multilayer PCB, what is Multilayer PCB, Multilayer PCB basics, Multilayer PCB examples, Multilayer PCB applications, multilayer pcb manufacturing process, multilayer pcb definition

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