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At present, there are two types of lcd 3D printer on the market: FDM (Fused Deposition Manufacturing) and Light Curing 3D Printing. Among them, the FDM technology is more mature, the price is lower, and the market share is higher. You can even buy a desktop FDM printer around 200 USD right now on eBay.


Most FDM 3D printers will use an open source firmware, Marlin. Marlin firmware runs on the main board of the LCD 3D printer, manages all real-time activities of the machine, and coordinates all operations of heating devices, stepper motors, sensors, LCD displays and other devices. Marlin's control language is G-code. After the 3D model is created, it will generate a file in .gcode format through the slicing software. The .gcode file will be transparently transmitted to Marlin through a memory card or U disk. Marlin will parse the .gcode file to obtain G-code, and then use G-code to control heating. It also uses G-code language to communicate with LCD screen. The G-code language is published on the open source website: and will be updated as the 3D printer functions increase.


STONE command set protocol

STONE intelligent TFT LCD module is using the command set as below:


Frame head

Command length


Beginning address

Data content

CRC checking


A5 5A

Including the data length behind the command length byte



1 byte for register, 2 byte for variable memory


For example:

Read version information, UART send command

A5 5A 03 81 00 01 

Return A5 5A 04 81 00 01 43


A5 5A: Frame head

04: byte length of command, 81 00 01 43 total 4 bytes(excluding frame header)

81: Read register command

00: register address

01: the byte length of the return data, 43 is 1 byte

43: return data information

The communication between STONE TFT and Marlin

Marlin is a code written in C and C++. The translation code is added to Marlin, so that after receiving the instruction at the beginning of A5 5A, it can translate into G-code language by itself, and then it can recognize it, and then convert the content that needs to be fed back to the LCD screen into Languages beginning with A5 5A are sent to the touch screen for communication interaction

Recommended module

STVI070WT-01 7 inches TFT LCD screen module with resistive touch panel


Advantage of STONE TFT module  

Powerful and simple developing tools

By using the TOOL GUI design software, you can easily create a interface for the LCD 3D printer with:

•   Multiple customized interface image: You can storage over 10K interface images in the flash memory of STONE TFT LCD. This will support you to add as many pages or functions you want for your 3D printer.
•   Multiple touch control: The 3D printer requires a lot of touch control adjustment for the nozzle position, platform height or temperature. You can create +/- adjustment, or slide adjustment with TOOL GUI design software, to control  all the parameters and action of the 3D printer.
•   Audio & video play: STONE TFT module will provide audio interface. You can storage the audio and video file in the flash memory, to play tutorial videos.
•   Stability for long time working: The 3D printer mostly have very long time working situations. This requires the stability to make sure the project successful. If the printer stuck during the printing, all the printed items will be useless.

STONE TFT LCD module are using high quality components and have high performance on anti-interference ability. This will make sure your big project success in longtime working.