Chemists: save me from Death by Internet? (coconut FAME bug repellent)

Paul McClay wrote 07/02/2021 at 05:41 1 point

Hoping a real chemist can sniff-test this:

* This legit-seeming 2018 paper says some alchemical conjuration from coconut oil is The Most Amazing Bug Repellent: "Better than DEET Repellent Compounds Derived from Coconut Oil" . Better than DEET because it repels more kinds of blood-sucking bugs more effectively for longer with less disturbing side-effects.

* I haven't found any sign of retail available product beyond the USDA saying they've "filed a patent application for this new technology and is working with commercial companies to develop repellent formulas from coconut oil" . So maybe some day. Or I walked right past that aisle in CVS? [USDA does patents??]

* Google associates some of the reported words of alchemical conjuration with biodiesel:

* So... coconut-flavor biodiesel is The Most Amazing Bug Repellent?

* Some .org that describes itself as a really great source that knows best claims to describe how to make really clean biodiesel, starting with "Start by making a small, 1-litre test batch" .

Ok then, I'll get right on that...


What's wrong with this plan?