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arozhkov2001arozhkov2001 wrote 07/10/2021 at 21:48 • 2 min read • Like

2 years ago I assembled an electric scooter and when I was choosing a controller I realized that there are either very bad and cheap or very expensive, then I began to study the circuitry of controllers and now i got 2 versions 6mos and 18 mos.

There will be a display in the future, but I'm not good at programming yet

I draw all the circuits and boards in , an excellent site where there is almost everything and you can order immediately with soldering parts, the boards come from the service. Very cheap and high quality in comparison with other services.

For those who noticed, the board is made for the Hailong battery case, this controller is an excellent analogue of the original Chinese, quieter and more powerful, you can also help with the firmware

P.S. 18mos don't working at this moment, im drew mosfet drivers with mistakes