IOS 15 Public Beta 4 Is a Grab Bag of Features and Fixes

Atif ImranAtif Imran wrote 08/10/2021 at 19:07 • 5 min read • Like

The new iOS 15 Public Beta 4 was recently released, and it has features that go beyond the standard attribute. The first thing you need is to know how to register for the iOS 15 Public Beta 4. If you have been using the older version, you might need to delete it to create room for the new application. The new profile will be visible on the Settings app after enrolling your device.

Among the things you need to ensure while enrolling your device is making sure that you have a backup. This is because there is a possibility of the beta software affecting some of the existing programs on your device. It is also paramount to ensure you do not have any other version of this program, especially if you had the iOS 14.

The Newly Introduced Features

This new version comes with improvements to the older features and the introduction of new features. The primary reason for introducing new features is to make usage better and more convenient.

Among the newly introduced features include full support of the Apple MagSafe Battery. The previous versions had the battery listed as generic. As a result, it was challenging to enhance power conservation.

Several icons have also been updated on the UI. Some of the updated icons include notifications on the settings app and notes. The camera icon which is on the home screen has also been updated. 

It is also now possible to use the focus message disabling option for individual contacts. You can also return to the home screen by using the shortcut option. Furthermore, you can prevent people from viewing your notifications whenever you are using the screen sharing feature. This is achieved through going to settings and disabling the publication of the notifications on the shared screen.

The new iOS 15 Public Beta 4 also has more tweaks on the Safari option. This is complemented by the address bar having a reload button that is permanent. There is also a share button that has replaced the ellipses that were on the address bar.

Another new attribute of the new version is that you can now access your bookmarks more simply. You only need to long-press the address bar, which will reveal the bookmarks. The address bar can also help you enable the reader mode.

Features That Have Been Fixed

Besides introducing new features, several attributes that were having problems in iOS 14 have been fixed. Fixing these features makes the usage of the iOS 15 Public Beta 4 better.

One of the fixed features includes the Betterment app, which now works correctly with the new version. You will also now be able to use Twitter more conveniently because, unlike before, it does not crash immediately on launch. Furthermore, if the iCloud Private Relay fails after connecting, it will no longer give you the ‘incompatible network’ notification.

Another area that has been fixed is that while using the map planning mode, you will no longer view the resume button and the compass of the CarpPlay overlapping. The cancel button was not disappearing on the previous version after canceling a search on the widget gallery. But in the iOS 15 Public Beta 4, it will be disappearing.

You will now be able to view rivers and buildings in the new version because they no longer disappear or overlap. Moreover, after a backup restore or a system update, the record App activity will no longer be reverted to default. 

Another essential aspect that has been fixed on the new version is that Safari will no longer be crashing whenever you are closing tabs. Safari also expands and minimizes the tab bar without problems, and it is scrollable on iPad. You will also not be getting two crash logs whenever there is a process crash.

In case you do not want to get notifications, you can disable them when using SharePlay. The new version has also brought back the Weather function, which was not working on the previous option. You also have an opportunity to get a boot lop cycle on the iOS 15 Public Beta 4 if you are using the first generation Apple Watch.

Features That Are Broken

Despite the many improvements and introduction of new features, there are still several broken attributes which you need to know. The importance of understanding the broken features is so that you can be ready for any inconveniences. 

Among the broken attributes is that the audio playback option may not work for about sixty seconds after the restart. The solution to this issue is waiting where it will automatically fix itself. Another feature that needs to be fixed is that your files might disappear unexpectedly if you open a file in a new window. 

Another feature that needs fixing is that you must set English as the language on your device for the ‘Find My network’ message to display. You might also be unable to end Guided Access by entering the passcode for Guided Access. This mainly happens when you are using Guided Access with VoiceOver. Furthermore, if you are using a third-party VPN, it may fail to work on iOS 15 Public Beta 4 if the app uses a private API.

While using this new version, you might also get the wrong widget category when on the widget gallery. You might also be unable to create fresh projects whenever you are using the Reality Compressor. Furthermore, you might get rounded corners and wrong scaling, especially on buildings when using the Map app.

Using your Apple TV might deny you a chance to get a notification on your iPhone whenever you start afresh session. SharePlay has been improved, but it may not work well when there are more than five participants. There is also a similar problem with Safari where despite having a clear button in the search bar, the extensions might not appear on the Smart Search field after selecting the Show Separate Tab bar.

What the Future Holds

iOS 15 Public Beta 4 is the last beta to be released helping improve its operations and as a result, the only things expected in the future are improvements on the current version. The features that require fixing are expected to be fixed gradually to make all the aspects perfect. There might be a few improvements, but they will all be based on the iOS 15 Public Beta 4.