Batteries for the Raspberry Pi

tyler wrote 09/29/2021 at 02:20 0 points

I have a project I'm working on that needs a power solution. The issue is, what I need to power is a Raspberry Pi 4 and a very hungry screen.

I've found that the screen is happy only with at least 10W of power, so that leaves me trying to fit a ~5A@5V into a rather slim package. I've looked at the most powerful offerings that are made to power the Pi, and some look great - good form factor/size, good software, not unreasonable price. The problem is, they fit the Pi's spec of 3A and I'm not comfortable leaving the Pi with potentially less than an amp to run off of.
There's also building a LiPo pack or something similar. I've hunted around a bit, and didn't find any reasonably performant charge-discharge controllers in a good price range - on the sites I visited.

So the answer seems to me be a slim USB battery bank. Does anyone have a suggestion of any one of those Pi solutions, a DIY path, or a good power bank that won't break my bank? 

Thanks, Tyler