ESP32 Online Simulator - Arduino Core + Micropython + More

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ESP32 Free Online Simulator

Were you looking for an ESP32 Simulator for a long time? I think, your search will end here! 😃Wokwi is well known for Arduino Simulator and now it has another sweet news! ESP32 Simulator preview version is out. This already enables you to create projects without the hassle of setting up installations, copying files or downloading multiple kinds of stuff!

Wokwi ESP32 works straight out of a browser. You don't need to download or install anything. That is the beauty of this ESP32 SImulator. You can also share your projects with others with a single click. Others can also run your project with a single click😊

Wokwi ESP32 Simulator documentation can be found here. A lot of activities are going on wrt ESP32 and you can also contribute to the project in several ways.

Getting Started with ESP32 Simulator#

You can use the ESP32 simulator in three ways:

  1. Build projects using the ESP32 Arduino Core
  2. Run MicroPython projects
  3. Simulate bin application files you built on your machine (e.g. using ESP-IDF)

Arduino Core#

Start from the Arduino-ESP32 Project Template, or from the ESP32 Blink Example.

If you want to use third-party Arduino libraries, add a libraries.txt file with the list of libraries that you use.


Start from the MicroPython ESP32 Project Template, or from the MicroPython ESP32 Blink Example.

Note: While the simulation is running, press Ctrl+C inside the Serial Terminal to get into the MicroPython REPL. Alternatively, you can edit the Blink Example code and remove the while loop. For more information, check out the MicroPython Guide.

Custom Application (.bin) File#

Open the ESP32 custom application project template, and press "F1" in the code editor. Then choose "Load HEX File and Start Simulation…". Choose any .bin file from your computer and the simulation will start.

Simulator Examples#

Arduino Examples#

MicroPython Examples#

ESP-IDF Examples#

The following examples use the ESP-IDF functions. They are compiled using Arduino ESP32 Core:


you have many ways to ask for help, suggest a feature or share your feedback