TDA1543 DAC Datasheet

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Product Overview

The TDA1543 is a monolithic integrated dual 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed as an economy version for use in hi-fi digital audio equipment such as Compact Disc players, digital tape or cassette recorders, digital sound in TV sets and in digital amplifiers.

This blog will introduce TDA1543 systematically from its features, pinout to its specifications, applications, also including TDA1543 datasheet and so much more.

TDA1543 Features

• Low distortion

• 16-bit dynamic range

• 4 × oversampling possible

• Single 5 V power supply

• No external components required

• No requirement for external deglitcher circuitry due to

fast settling output current

• Adjustable bias current

• Internal timing and control circuits

• I2S input format: time multiplexed, two's complement,


TDA1543 Pinout

The following figure is the diagram of TDA1543 pinout.

TDA1543 Applications

If you want to know more about TDA1543, you can read its datasheet.