Nuked OS

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS wrote 08/06/2015 at 16:06 • 2 min read • Like

So windows 10 released not so long ago, 4 laptops in the house, my parents got the first update smooth sailing, I cant update my main gaming laptop till clevo release drivers designed for windows 10 so some features will continue to work.

Well I updated the 3rd laptop which is my secondary, update went fine my the os was slow and sluggish, my parents was too so I did a fresh install using windows 10 and while it worked on my parents toshiba laptop, on mine, it nuked it, I keep getting a bsod on boot stating inaccessible boot device. I guess I'm writing this to both vent and warn anyone reading.

I'm making a windows 10 usb installer now, try a complete fresh install using the laptops original windows key, see if that works, I'll update this with full instructions if I get it fixed so hopefully it can help anyone else who suffers the same issue.


so I got everything working in the end after alot of hassle, I used a recover option in the windows 10 install media to wipe the entire drive clean and format to one partition, the drive was originally a gpt partition so i used the command line to convert it to mbr, after than windows 10 installed smoothly, I had lost the license key (turns out my laptop never came with one) which had me worrying about activating windows 10, but it grabbed the key from the bios.