Fire at ASML Plant Could Worsen the Chip Shortage

lin_marshalllin_marshall wrote 01/05/2022 at 03:38 • 2 min read • Like
On the third US Eastern time, Reuters disclosed that a fire erupted in a facility located in Berlin, Germany, owned by Dutch lithography giant AMSL.

Photolithography Machine Used to Manufacture Semiconductor Chips

It is a recognized fact that ASML is a provider of production equipment that is used by the top semiconductor chip makers within the industry. With the global shortages of semiconductors over the last two years, major chipmakers are planning to increase capacity. this "responsible" semiconductor manufacturer is increasing the production process of equipment for semiconductors. 

ASML stated that the place that was the scene of the fire was once part of Berliner Glas, a supplier of ASML. Berliner Glas was acquired by ASML in the year 2020 when the company was generating annual revenues of 220 million euros.

 ASML stated that it would be able to calculate the losses over the coming days, and the final results will be released once the data was compiled.

In the report by Bloomberg Technology, the ASML shut down the affected section of the plant, while other parts of the facility were still operating. Additionally, analysts are concerned that the incident could further aggravate the worldwide shortage of chips that has led to an increase in demand for semiconductors.

ASML shares increased by 1 percent prior to the announcement and then closed down 0.7 percent to 701.70 euros on Monday.

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