Electronics Goldmine Assortments II

alpha_ninjaalpha_ninja wrote 08/18/2015 at 00:30 • 4 min read • Like

Time for another Electronics Goldmine analysis!

2x Box of ICs (>50)

19135; $10.00 ($2.99 when I bought them.)



Now that's a long list!

104 ICs—that's 52 per box.

8/10: This one was definitely worth it. Although there were fewer ICs in the boxes this time, there was a better variety, and another reason for this was probably the larger chips—less DIP-8s and more of those super-wide, crazy ones.

2x Super Electronic Surprise Box

9321; $7.95 each


If a component isn’t listed here, it’s probably a capacitor.


Box 2!

Again, many capacitors.


8/10: Both these boxes were great.

However, there's an important piece of advice I need to give you:

Don't order these by themselves, and don't order more than one.

It's obvious that the contents of these change from week to week, so it's not worth buying too many at once—consider them an add-on to whatever you're buying (albeit one that is quite heavy and drives up the shipping cost by a few dollars)

Thanks for reading!

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