Smart-watch screen repurpose Help.

vixual freakz wrote 04/20/2022 at 00:48 -1 point

Hello Hackaday Community!

So I'm completely new to this to start with I have no idea in electronics and hardware hacking. But I want to start learning, and I decided this could be an easy new project to start with.

I came a cross this cheap smart watch believe is a "FIT pro imitation" and I want to use it to either loop or just play a long video.

that is my whole objective to make the screen play a video, could anyone help me guide me where can a start or how can I accomplish this?

The smart watch has a USB charging port attached on the wristband.

and is running on LT719(G) V 4.0, I believe.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

find images of watch below.