Is Cloud Computing different than Edge Computing?

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Hello Friends. Today I'll discuss the major topic that has been in debate for a long time.  What is different between Cloud Computing and edge computing? Is cloud computing better than edge computing? Which one is better and mostly used nowadays? Most people are familiar with cloud computing less know what is edge computing and how it impacts our lives. These are all the questions I'll be highlighting in today's article. So read till the end. 

Importance of Cloud Computing in the Market

From small enterprises to larger businesses everyone is interested in cloud computing and realizing its importance day by day. According to the research, it is observed that about 60 to 70% of the companies worldwide have at least one application in cloud computing while the rest of the companies have a fixed amount of budget for cloud computing. It is predicted that shortly the market size of cloud computing globally will reach up to $623 billion and it is estimated to be three times more as compared to the last five years.

What is Edge Computing and how it is important?

As we all are familiar with the term cloud computing and how it is important in today's world. As Cloud computing is the initial network that enables data access over the internet while edge computing was introduced to provide more speed to the users and provide less delay in work. Edge computing encourages the adoption of the methods of cloud computing and it is only achievable by minimizing the distance between the user and the cloud.

Let me explain to you more precisely what edge computing is.  Edge computing is imperative to take the growth of IoT (Internet of things) and all the devices used to be brought under consideration. So, any of the IoT devices induce in any organization's infrastructure creates data on the outer side of computing networks. All the data collected is then sent to the central network which then processes the data and once it is done then sent back to the Internet of things (IoT ) devices.  This process takes time and high traffic volume can slow down the network which ultimately can have serious issues with expensive IoT devices.

The benefit of Edge Computing

Following are some important Benefits provided while using edge computing:

When to Use Cloud Computing Vs Edge Computing

Both computing has salient features and is mostly used by organizations. There are some situations where one or both fits in. Following is the table providing data at which time any of these computing or both are suitable. Have a look.

Cloud Computing Edge computing
Stable Internet connection Limited or no internet connection dynamic dynamic dynamic dynamic
Dynamic WorkloadDataset in huge amount and is too costly to send to cloud data data data data
Data Stored in cloudStrict data laws
Non-Time-Sensitive Data processing real-real realReal-Time Data processing 

Difference Between Cloud Computing and Edge Computing

Both cloud and edge computing have their unique identity and both serve a different purposes. Following are some important points that differentiate them from each other.

1.  Suitable Organization

Cloud computing is ideal for organizations where there are large projects and they have to control enormous data storage. Meanwhile, edge computing is suitable for organizations where the prime factor is latency. Small businesses can use edge computing to save money.

2.  Security

Cloud Computing doesn't need high-profile security measures while on the other hand edge computing needs robust plans of security having advanced methods to tackle security and cyber breaches.

3.  Programming

Cloud computing uses only one programming language whereas edge computing consumes different platforms for programming.

Why there was a need for Edge Computing when Cloud Computing was present?

This question might come to your mind when Cloud computing was best in every way then why there was a need of edge computing in today's world. Dear friends let me explain to you in simpler words.

You might be surprised to listen to it that many companies are switching toward Edge Computing. It is not like Edge computing is the alternative to Cloud Computing or a different solution but there are different situations as mentioned above that are opted by companies. The companies that are facing computing problems find Cloud Computing reliable. 

The IoT devices are becoming more useful sometimes organizations need edge computing in many regards. Organizations and companies can use both cloud and Edge Computing by integrating Edge computing with cloud-centered cloud computing. 


Both cloud computing and edge computing are best and have their own identity. Cloud Computing is as relevant in today's world as Edge Computing. Both provide data analytics and solutions to many organizations.