tin-foil hat

David Matthew Mooney wrote 05/28/2022 at 01:49 1 point

I am soliciting reasonable reasons to wear a tin-foil hat nowadays. Suggestions: to prevent skin cancer due to solar ultraviolet aggravated by stratospheric ozone depletion; to provide a convenient RF-shielded storage location (in the hat band?) for your charge cards so the hackers don't get into them; to prevent Havana syndrome when strolling through embassy neighborhoods; to shield your brain from microwave radiation going to and from smartphones (these waves can be rectified by the ion channels in neuron membranes, leading to overload of the cell by calcium ions*); for privacy from infrared-sensing cameras on drones with face-recognition AI; and to keep cool outdoors in spite of global warming. I'd be partial to an Indiana Jones-style fedora in aluminized mylar.

* The paper I read presented this as a scientifically plausible model, not an established fact.