Linear Motion Tradeoffs

Daniel Grace wrote 06/30/2022 at 03:00 0 points

There are many ways to create linear motion (lead screws, ball screws, timing belt drives, chain and sprocket, rack and pinion, solenoid, to name a few).

There are many ways to support a system moving linearly (linear rail, linear rod, conveyor rollers (name?), v-wheels in many different permutations, to name a few).

There are many ways to measure the suitability and efficacy of the different combinations: maximum torque, travel distance, cost, noise, vibration, accuracy, repeatability, backlash, backdriveability, susceptibility to contaminants, maintenance, etc.

Does anyone know of anywhere that has, as objectively as possible, written these down? I can find a lot of blanket statements ("linear rails are the best") or commercial sites painting their products in the best possible light, but not a lot of things I feel are trustworthy and show both the pros and cons.